since 1974


Company TESECO has been manufacturing flexible plastic ventilation ducts (also called ventubes), both forcing and exhaust ones, since 1984. In manufacture are also other accessories related to ventilation, e.g. storage ventubes, T-connections, reducers, swivel dampers etc. Moreover, Teseco is involved in designing and construction of machines and equipment related to manufacturing of flexible ventilation ducts. All Teseco products have been developed by themselves and they are based on their own design. The technical fabric, two-side PVC coated, from which these products are manufactured by hot-air welding, features very high breaking and tearing strength, has an oxygen ratio min. 27% and the surface resistance below 3x10^8 Ω. This fabric does not give off any caustic and toxic substances, is resistant to aging, wear, oils and most solvent vapours. These properties enable the use of Teseco ducts not only in underground mining plants, where explosions and fire hazards happen very often, but also during construction of tunnels, in shipyards, woodworking and paint shops, steelworks, chemical plants etc.


Our products may be specified with the following order:

  • Forcing ventilation ducts (ventubes);
  • Exhaust ventilation ducts (ventubes);
  • Shaft exhaust-forcing ventubes;
  • Ventilation accessories;
  • Stoppings and barrage balloons made of two-side PVC coated fabric
  • Casings of actuators’ sliding surfaces, e.g. of hydraulic props.
  • Agility tunnels





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